Pre-Conference Workshops

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

1:30-3:00 pm

W1. Finding the Right Platform for Convergence and Cooperation: Selecting the Next ILS for SUNY

Shannon Pritting; Maureen Zajkowski; Jennifer Smathers; Rebecca Hyams; Violet Price; Gregg Kiehl; Angela Rhodes, Jenn Murray

University Union 111

The ILS Review Group will provide an update on the review process for the next SUNY-wide Integrated Library System. A comprehensive overview will be provided by the ILS Review Group, which has spent over 7 months reviewing what SUNY would like from an ILS, surveying ILS functionality, support options, and ILS development roadmaps. A summary of the report generated to inform the upcoming ILS Request for Proposals will be provided, as well as a timeline for selection of the next SUNY ILS. **This session will NOT be recorded because of confidentiality issues. Sorry.

W2. Stepping Up Your Research Game with Qualitative Methods

Brandon West; Lee Ann Fullington

University Union 103

For many academic librarians, conducting original research is a requirement for continuing appointment yet many of us have not been trained in using social science research methods. Thus, librarians tend to rely heavily on survey research. As participants in the Institute for Research Design in Librarianship, we have been trained in conducting qualitative research through interviews and focus groups. During this workshop, we will share the nuts and bolts of qualitative research and participants will practice writing a meaningful interview guide and apply strategies for improving questions and adapting them for focus groups.

W3. Polish Your Prose: Abstracting & Editing Your Scholarly & Creative Works

Sheryl Kron Larson-Rhodes

University Union 108

This interactive workshop focuses on skills, tips, & techniques to use when editing your own scholarly & creative works. Participants will learn the difference between editing & proofreading, what editors do, common grammatical issues, & how to write an abstract of your paper or presentation proposal. Get ready to rock your red pen!

W4. SUNY Guide on the Side Pilot Project

Trevor Riley; Katie Bertel

Science 2, Room 135

Providing help to users at the point of need is critical to easing user frustration and stress, but we can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why the University at Arizona created Guide on the Side, an easy to use online, interactive tutorial application that lives in the user’s web browser. GotS encourages active learning while also providing support for assessment through its use for pretesting and posttesting. Tutorials can be accessed at the time of need and can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction or stand-alone instruction for online courses. Join us for this pre-conference workshop where we will provide an overview of the SUNY Guide on Side pilot project, how pilot campuses are using it, demonstrate the application from the perspective of a user and content creator, and discuss best practices for use and implementation.